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Jeffinie and John Taylor are La Belle Maison. With my passion for sewing and crafts and a degree in textiles together with John's background as an illustrator and designer, we have a natural feel for shape, line, colour and texture, plus a shared love and appreciation of older lifestyles, particularly French. Add to this a little of our quirkiness and humour and you begin to understand La Belle Maison.
We have been trading since July 2010 and the experience has been wonderful. The need to travel to France periodically to source new finds is a great incentive, as we love it there. Hopefully we can bring a little bit of France into your home.

You may notice that this blogsite does not operate like other blogs, but we hope that you find it interesting, informative and sometimes amusing

NB. The photographs below are taken from our shop, now closed. But many similar items can be found at our new location at Toad Hall, Wimborne

The ‘previously loved’ collection
Although we do not profess to be totally ‘green’ we do not believe in this throw-away world and are pleased to offer you our “previously loved” and reworked collection.The majority is obtained, by us, direct from France, sourced from the many vide greniers, (translates as attic clearance) street fairs and markets, the remainder from  auction houses and fairs in England. 

ttypical scene at a vide grenier, France

We aim to bring you a wide range of styles and prices, from our restyled ‘high end’ furniture to ‘a little something to put on a shelf. The majority are one offs and whilst they may never be repeated similar items may be obtained. Whilst doing this we also aim to price all our goods realistically.

At any one time the collection will include:
A selection of vintage lighting
Costume jewellery & something for the girls 
Glass & china 
Pictures, prints and lithographs
And....some just plain bonkers stuff!

Sourcing specifically for you
As we have been successful in sourcing various items for clients maybe we can help you too.Let us have your requirements, as detailed as possible, and we will endeavour to match them, it may take a while but we shall persevere!

Soft furnishings
Heavier items such as eiderdowns and curtains will, where possible, have been dry cleaned. However, some may be too fragile for this due to their age and must be appeciated in their original form.
Where original and vintage fabrics have been used a little wear and fading may be evident. Where original fabrics are not possible we have incorporated more contemporary fabrics sympathetic to the product, many obtained in France

Our beautiful chandeliers and lamps, many from the 40’s 50’s and 60’s, although working, may require rewiring to bring them up to present day electrical guidelines. We therefore recommend you have them inspected and installed by a qualified electrician.We also have various spare parts for chandeliers, e.g. crystal drops in different shapes and sizes, ‘candles’ and bulbs.

We personally prepare, prime and undercoat each item prior to the top coat and final finish for its distinguishing La Belle Maison look. We use predominantly The Little Green Paint Company's Portland Stone on all our furniture unless otherwise requested. Many of our units will also be decorated inside for extra brightness and freshness. 
We would be pleased to give you a quotation on painting any item of your own furniture in your desired colour.

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